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Future Tales

Future Tales was a film and installation commission from Brisbane City Council designed to unpack environmental messages behind Nudge's Tale (see BOOKS). Comprising four display panels and digital screens, Future Tales toured Brisbane City Council libraries through 2009. Research, film, editing and creative design were conducted by Bridgette, as well as author workshops at Brisbane Square Library. Craig McCullough created the sound design.

Black Beauties

Following on from Future Tales, Brisbane City Council commissioned the making of Black Beauties in 2009 to counter negative public perceptions of bats. Bridgette designed empathetic strategies to connect viewers with the vulnerability of bats today, as well as education on the importance of bats in propagating forests. Research, film, script, editing and creative design were by Bridgette, with Craig McCullough on sound design and Tom Broadly narrating.


Shorebirds was a further Brisbane City Council commission for recording migratory shorebird footage on the Pumicestone Passage. Bridgette captured sequences of rarely seen shorebirds fattening up before their annual flight to Japan, then Siberia. Imagery portrayed shorebirds co-habitating with black swans, waders, pelicans and geese as a flourishing ecology. Research, creative design, film, sound and editing were produced by Bridgette.

bridgette mckelvey

media consultant
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