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deadly cards

The Deadly Cards are a transformative resource designed for Australian education and communities, commissioned by the Health and Community Services Workforce Council. 64 cards raise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander respect and knowledge via key cultural and ecological relationships and practices. Each card raises a traditional concept, visual image and rich provocations for insight and conversation. The Deadly Cards have been a great success, supporting shifts in Australian daily practices towards further acknowledging and learning from Traditional Custodians.


Cards were designed, created, photographed and written by Bridgette collaborating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders and educators Uncle Des Sandy, Danny Doyle, Kerryn Moroney, May Kabay, Sheridan Doyle, Michelle White, Lyndon Davis, Luther Cora and non-Indigenous educators, the Deadly River Sisters, from across Queensland. Additional photographers and artists participating in the project are acknowledged.


This edition has sold out. 

bridgette mckelvey

media consultant
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